How the ESO group finder tool actually works (dungeons)


NB! Homestead patch (January 2017), introduced ready checks before actually forming groups. It will now ask 4 players if they are ready. If all 4 says yes the group will be formed. If one or more players cancel or ignore the ready check, the group is considered "Not viable" and everyone is sent back to the queue.



If you play Elder Scrolls Online (Tamriel Unlimited) you have probably seen the zone chat overflowing with people looking for group (LFG) or looking for group members (LFM) for this or that. If you are too lazy or too shy to do that, and you still want to do group activities, the ESO group finder is a neat tool for grouping up with other people for dungeons, even players from other alliances.

The grouping tool in Elderscrolls Online / Tamriel Unlimited has a lot of names: Group finder, grouping tool, dungeon finder, dungeon scaler, queuing tool, pug tool, effing bugged shaite, and quite a few more... but, contrary to what you might have read in zone, it really does work - if you use it correctly.

Entering a dungeon through the group finder will scale the dungeon and all players up to lvl 50 cp160 (you will not be scaled down).
Keep in mind that while a level 10 char will have his/her health, magica, stamina, recovery, resistance and damage scaled up to lvl 50, they will still lack most skills and morphs. However, if the character also have champion points these will be active. A properly geared level 20 with maxed cp can therefor be stronger and better than a lvl 50 with 200 cp.

Bosses in cp 160 dungeons will do around 20-30k dmg attacks. That means that if your max health is below 20k you need some form of damage mitigation to avoid getting one-shotted. (Blocking, shields and so on)




Form a group for an activity

You open the group finder by pressing "P" on your keyboard, or by choosing the group icon in the top menu.



Select the role you wish to have. Don't choose tank or healer unless you can actually fill those roles. Before you queue as a tank you need to have a taunt unlocked and equipped (if you don't know what a taunt is, you are not a tank). A healer will need to have a restoration staff with at least the first two skills unlocked.


Select the activity you want to queue for, and press "Join queue".

When you are queued you can leave the queue at any time.


If you don't leave the queue it will (eventually) find you a group.


And you will get a message on your screen...


Things to keep in mind when using the group finder tool

  • Waiting in queue can be a drag. It usually takes longer for damage dealers than for tanks and healers, as tanks and healers are harder to come by. If you change your mind and start an activity or instance you don't want to abort half way trough, or if you go afk, leave the queue first! There is nothing more discouraging than waiting in queue for 30 minutes, and then the group disbands before you even get to the dungeon - and you have to queue again. There is also a 15-minute cooldown before entering the queue again after sucessfully forming a group, so you risk waiting half an hour for a group, which then just disbands, and then having to wait 15 minutes before you can queue again. Don't be an ass, don't queue if you don't intend to play.
  • Groups can queue as well. If you have a group of 2 or 3 you can use the group finder to find that 4th member. If you already have a full group you can use the dungeon finder to queue for a random or specific dungeon, and it will be scaled to lvl 50 (160).
  • The loot you get from a dungeon will be your actual level so that you can use it.
  • When you enter a dungeon through the dungeon finder your damage is significantly buffed. This is also true for cp160+ chars.



Known bugs and other annoyances

Yes, there are a few...

Upon entering a dungeon you might find that one or more of your teammates are invisible. You can only see a floating group marker jumping around. A simple port to a group member will solve this . The invisible teammate still does damage/healing, and can be healed, but you can't resurrect a dead char you can't see. Also, if the healer can't see where you are you might not get any heals.

Groups of two or three... or 5
The group finder will try to form a group of 4 characters. 1 tank, 2 damage dealers (dd's) and 1 healer. If one or more queuers have chosen more than one role, you might get a group with less than 4 people. For example, if one has put both tank and dd he or she may be counted as both, and the grouping tool will just stop looking. This is especially annoying if one group member leaves, and you want to search for a replacement. Some times the entire thing bugs out and you end up in a group of 5, where 1 member will be unable to enter the dungeon.

When it is your group's turn in the queue you will all be automatically teleported to the dungeon, no matter where you are and what you are doing. You will get a message on your screen saying something like "Spindleclutch group ready. Role: Healer. You will travel there in 59s." and you will have 2 choices; "Travel now", or "Hide". Hide only hides the message, you will still get teleported (the only way to avoid being teleported is to leave the group). So, make sure you always carry repair kits, grand soul gems, and food/drink/potions. And if you start an activity or instance you know you can't or don't want to abort, leave the queue first!

Removing from area / instance is full
If the group is disbanded, or you leave (or get kicked from) the group while inside the dungeon, you will get a message saying "Removing from area" and a small timer. When the timer runs out you are automatically teleported out of the dungeon and back to where you were when you got teleported in. While inside the dungeon you are still counted as inside the instance. A new player joining the group will not be able to teleport in until you have teleported out, and he or she will get the message "Jump failed. Instance is full.".
After killing the final boss, be nice and stay if someone in your group is doing the dungeon quest. If the group is disbanded before they finish the quest, they may get teleported out while waiting for the npc's to complete their final dialogue.

Autoport when already in dungeon
If your group queue for a dungeon and it takes time before you are ported, some times you want to just manually port to the desired dungeon and get started. If you do that, make sure your group leader take you out of the queue. Else you might find yourself getting automatically teleported to a random new dungeon while in the middle of the last boss fight... The only way to stop the autoport is to leave group, which will in turn start the "removing from area".



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