ESO: 5 reasons to buy the Sleek Creek House


Location, location, location

The Sleek Creek House is just a snipe-shot from the bustling trade center Rawl'kha (Reaper's March). You don't even need a horse. And if all your friends and guildies are offline, jumping to your house is just as free as jumping to them, and then a short sprint to the town wayshrine.


If you have a bounty on you, you can easily port to your house and slip into the outlaws refugee back door, without any pesky guards noticing.


Pick up your daily writs, run a circle - everything you need is smack in the middle of town, including the bank and the stables if you want to feed your horse take a riding lesson - and hand your writs in on your way home for breakfast.


There are 8 fishing spots just outside your door, and even more upriver and downriver. Just ignore them if you don't like fishing.


Great value for your gold. Or your crowns. It feels much bigger than it looks. There is plenty of room inside for all those weird things you bring back home from your adventures, and plenty of room outside for barbeques and skooma parties. You can have 11 of your friends over at the same time.


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