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The Cadwell route


    Vulkhel Guard - Support the City Watch in Vulkhel Guard.
        Ensuring Security: Help Watch Captain Astanya shore up security for the Queen's visit.
        A Hostile Situation: Bring a traitor to justice.
    Tanzelwil - Help the Queen uphold High Elf traditions.
        In the Name of the Queen: Help the queen complete an ancient ritual.
        Rites of the Queen: Protect the queen as she performs an ancient ritual.
    Mathiisen - Investigate the Heritance presence in Mathiisen.
        Putting the Pieces Together: Scout Mathiisen for signs of the Veiled Heritance.
        The Unveiling: Help uncover the Veiled Heritance in Mathiisen.
    Skywatch - Help Razum-Dar defeat the Veiled Heritance at Skywatch.
        Lifting the Veil: Root out the Veiled Heritance agent in Skywatch.
        Wearing the Veil: Infiltrate the Veiled Heritance.
        The Veil Falls: Root out the leaders of the Veiled Heritance.
    Firsthold - Save Firsthold from the Veiled Queen.
        Breaking the Barrier: Help the Battlereeve and the Guild gain access to the Firsthold Castle.
        Sever All Ties: Help save Auridon from the Veiled Heritance and their Daedric allies.


    Southpoint - Save Southpoint from madness.
        The Grip of Madness: Discover why a town's citizens are killing each other.
    Reliquary of Stars - Uncover the secrets buried in the Reliquary of Stars.
        Lost in Study: Discover why the artifacts in the Reliquary of Stars have recently become active.
        Heart of the Matter: Recover the Heart of Anumaril.
    Falinesti Winter Site - Discover the mystery of the Falinesti Winter Site.
        A Lasting Winter: Recover Rajhin's Mantle before the Jade General finds it.
    Elden Root - You need to quell unrest in the city of Elden Root.
        The Honor of the Queen: Discover why the Khajiiti Embassy project has been stalled.
        The Orrery of Elden Root: Attend Queen Ayrenn's ratification.


    Bramblebreach - Negotiate with the Bramblebreach clan for the Dominion.
        Frighten the Fearsome: Earn the Bramblebreach Clan's trust.
        Audience with the Wilderking: Expose a Veiled Heritance plot to kill the Wilderking.
    Greenheart - Protect the Wilderking.
        Throne of the Wilderking: Protect the Wilderking from the Veiled Heritance.
    Woodhearth - Put a stop to Pelidil's plans in Woodhearth.
        Veil of Illusion: Trick a Heritance spy into assassinating the "queen".
        Double Jeopardy: Uncover the Heritance spy's plan to conquer Valenwood.
    Seaside Sanctuary - Drive back the Maormer invasion at Seaside Sanctuary.
        A Storm Upon the Shore: Drive the Sea Vipers out of Seaside Sanctuary.
        Pelidil's End: Defeat a leader of the Veiled Heritance on the high seas.
    Dread Vullain - Discover the reason why the cursed dead have risen.
        Right of Theft: Uncover the secret of the Blackroot Clan.
    Verrant Morass - Discover the source of the blight.
        The Blight of the Bosmer: Cleanse Verrant Morass of the Shade's blight.
    Driladan Pass - Help the Dominion defeat the undead army.
        Retaking the Pass: Defeat the undead army and rescue the Mane.
    Hectahame - Defeat Prince Naemon and restore the Heart of Valenwood!
        Striking at the Heart: Defeat the shade of Prince Naemon.

Malabal Tor

    Velyn Harbor - Free Velyn Harbor from Drublog and Redguard invaders.
        House and Home: Save the villagers from the Drublog.
        One Fell Swoop: Stop the Velyn Harbor invaders.
    Dra'bul - Help the Green Lady investigate the Drublog compound.
        Reap What Is Sown: Investigate the Drublog.
    Jathsogur - Free the Silvenar from captivity.
        The Prisoner of Jathsogur: Free the Silvenar from the Drublog ritual.
    Silvenar - Defeat the Hound and free the city.
        Restore the Silvenar: Defeat the Hound and observe the Silvenar's marriage to the Green Lady.

Reaper's March

    Fort Grimwatch - Drive the dark spirits from Fort Grimwatch.
        Grim Situation: Defeat the spirit invasion in Fort Grimwatch.
        Grimmer Still: Cleanse the temple and Fort Grimwatch.
    Arenthia - Aid Cariel and the Arenthian Resistance.
        The Colovian Occupation: Help the Arenthian resistance drive out the Colovians.
        Stonefire Machinations: Defeat the Stonefire cult and the Mane.
    Rawl'kha - Help the Lunar Champion begin a spiritual journey.
        The First Step: Help the Lunar Champions in their first trial.
    Moonmont - Deal with the Dark Mane's corruption.
        Motes in the Moonlight: Cleanse Moonmont and subdue the Dark Mane.
    Dune - Solve Dune's Daedric problem.
        The Fires of Dune: Stop the Daedric invasion of Dune.
    Two Moons Path - Walk the Two Moons Path with the Lunar Champion.
        The Moonlit Path: Help the Lunar Champion walk the Two Moons Path.
        The Den of Lorkhaj

Daggerfall Covenant

    Beldama Wyrd Tree - Remove Angof's corruption from the Wyrd Tree.
        Reclaiming the Elements: Help the Wyrd Sisters reclaim the Beldama Wyrd.
        Purifying the Wyrd Tree: Destroy the corruption of the Beldama Wyrd Tree.
    Camlorn - Lead the effort to retake Camlorn.
        Rally Cry: Help the Lion Guard reach the city of Camlorn.
        A Lingering Hope: Help the Lion Guard get inside the city of Camlorn.
        Hidden in Flames: Cure the Camlorn citizenry of lycanthropy.
        The Fall of Faolchu: Confront Faolchu the Reborn and retake the city of Camlorn.
    Lion Guard Redoubt - Help the Lion Guard Redoubt hold the line against Angof.
        The Lion Guard's Stand: Search for the missing Lion Guard patrols near the Lion Guard Redoubt.
        Mastering the Talisman: Help a Mages Guild wizard recharge an ancient relic.
    Cath Bedraud - Defeat Angof the Gravesinger.
        Mists of Corruption: Find a way through the poison mists at Cath Bedraud.
        The Labyrinth: Find a safe place within the labyrinth of crypts at Cath Bedraud.
        Angof the Gravesinger: Stop Angof the Gravesinger's necromantic plan to conquer Glenumbra.


    Alcaire Castle - Resolve the Military Standoff that threatens the Covenant.
        Army at the Gates: Derive the true purpose of the Alik'r army at Alcaire Castle.
        Two Sides to Every Coin: Help the Duchess deliver her message from the castle to the Alik'r camp.
        Life of the Duchess: Take action to protect Duchess Lakana of Alcaire.
        The Safety of the Kingdom: Investigate the assassination attempts at Alcaire Castle.
    Firebrand Keep - Reunify the Knights of the Flame.
        The Flame of Dissent: Stop the Knights of the Flame from attacking the Alik'r army at Alcaire Castle.
        Retaking Firebrand Keep: Put an end to the plan that threatens the Covenant.
        Sir Hughes' Fate: Assuage the evil omens plaguing Sir Hughes.
    Pariah Abbey - Restore order to Pariah Abbey and save the Spirit Wardens.
        Fire in the Fields: Help extinguish the fires in the fields at Pariah Abbey.
        Injured Spirit Wardens: Locate and heal the Spirit Wardens caught in the abbey fire.
        Azura's Guardian: Look for the Spirit Wardens that went to investigate the Cave of Dreams.
        A Prison of Sleep: Make use of a soporific potion and enter a dreaming sleep.
    at-Tura Estate - Recover the stolen Dream Shard from Hosni at-Tura.
        The Signet Ring: Help resolve the situation between Count Hosni at-Tura and his father.
        Evidence Against Adima: Help Lady Sirali at-Tura collect enough incriminating evidence to exonerate her son.
        Saving Hosni: Take another trip into the Dreamstride at the at-Tura Estate.
    Shinji's Scarp - Help the Murtag Clan stop the Ironhand ogres.
        General Godrun's Orders: Help the Murtag Clan reclaim Shinji's Scarp.
        Ending the Ogre Threat: Stop the Ironhand ogres from using the mountain cavern to attack Shinji's Scarp.
        Godrun's Dream: Rescue the general from the realm of nightmares.
        Ogre Teeth: Help a Murtag clan captain gather components for a war trophy.


    Shornhelm - Help free the upper city from Montclair forces.
        Shornhelm Divided: Help reunify the city of Shornhelm.
    Ravenwatch Castle - Get Count Ravenwatch to tell you about Baron Montclair.
        Dream-Walk Into Darkness: Discover the true nature of the threat to Rivenspire.
    Camp Tamrith - Help the Camp Tamrith refugees and the Shornhelm Guard.
        The Blood-Splattered Shield: Help House Tamrith and the Crestshade refugees in Eyebright Feld.
    Lorkrata Hills - Help Verandis Ravenwatch locate the secret of Lorkrata.
        The Concealing Veil: Head to Westmark Moor to assist the Count in some Ayleid research.
    Northpoint - Infiltrate the besieged city of Northpoint and set it free.
        Northpoint in Peril: Help House Dorell find a way into their own city.
        The Liberation of Northpoint: Free Northpoint from the control of House Montclair.
    The Doomcrag - Ascend the mountain and put an end to Baron Montclair.
        Puzzle of the Pass: Head to the Boralis mountains and find a way through the Shrouded Pass.
        The Lightless Remnant: Strike down the traitor and restore peace to Rivenspire.

Alik'r Desert

    Sentinel - Investigate the Necromancers' plot in Sentinel.
        Rise of the Dead: Investigate reports of the Withered Hand for King Fahara'jad.
        The Impervious Vault: Stop the Withered Hand from raiding the Impervious Vault.
    Tu'whacca's Throne - Stop Uwafa from raising the dead at Tu'whacca's Throne.
        Tu'whacca's Breath: Help the Throne Keeper cleanse Tu'whacca's temple.
        A Reckoning with Uwafa: Destroy the defiler of Tu'whacca's sacred grounds.
    Tava's Blessing - Stop the Withered Hand plot at Tava's Blessing.
        Alasan's Plot: Stop a powerful necromancer from becoming a lich.
    Motalion Necropolis - Defeat Shiri and reclaim the final Ansei Ward.
        Amputating the Hand: End the threat of the Withered Hand in Alik'r.


    Evermore - Defend the city against its enemies.
        A City in Black: Restore morale by bringing back a severed head.
        Imperial Infiltration: Help prevent an unwitting act of treason.
    Jackdaw Cove - Slay Uela the Hagraven to put an end to the Reachmen threat.
        Heart of Evil: Drive the hagraven and her Dark Witnesses out of Mournoth.
    Bangkorai Garrison - Retake the garrison from the Imperial Army.
        Storming the Garrison: Help the Lion Guard and the Knights of Saint Pelin reclaim Bangkorai Garrison.
    Hall of Heroes - Help King Emeric defeat the Imperials at the Hall of Heroes.
        Trials and Tribulations: Find out what the Imperial Magus-General is planning.
        To Walk on Far Shores: Enter the afterlife and defeat Septima Tharn.

Ebonheart Pact

    Davon's Watch - Stop the Covenant invasion of Davon's Watch.
        Legacy of the Ancestors: Help retrieve a component to defend Davon's Watch.
        Delaying the Daggers: Disrupt a Covenant siege of Davon's Watch.
        City Under Siege: Protect Tanval as he performs the ritual.
    Othrenis - Find Mavos' tomb and wake him.
        Wake the Dead: Wake a powerful mage to help contain Balreth.
        Rending Flames: Retrieve Mavos' personal effects to view a vision of the past.
    Ash Mountain - Imprison Balreth inside Ash Mountain.
        Restoring the Guardians: Restore the two guardians of Balreth.
        The Death of Balreth: Defeat Balreth and end his threat forever.
    Vivec's Antlers - Stop the Covenant from getting the Coral Heart.
        The Coral Heart: Stop the Covenant from exploiting a powerful artifact.
    Fort Virak - Repel Covenant forces from Fort Virak.
        Breaking Fort Virak: Help liberate Fort Virak from the Covenant forces.
        Evening the Odds: Help the Pact troops get inside Fort Virak's courtyard.
        The General's Demise: Put an end to the Covenant invasion of Stonefalls.
    Kragenmoor - Free Kragenmoor from the grip of Tanval's Vanguard.
        Aggressive Negotiations: Find out what the Indoril Grandmaster wanted in Kragenmoor.
        Saving the Son: Rescue the missing son of the Dres Grandmaster.
    Tormented Spire - Stop Tanval from unleashing the second Brother of Strife.
        Climbing the Spire: Make your way to the top of the Tormented Spire.
        Opening the Portal: Gain access to Sadal's prison.
        Sadal's Final Defeat: Rebind Sadal and end the threat to Stonefalls.


    Obsidian Gorge - Find out why Maulborn are occupying the pass.
        Death Trap: Find out what's happening in the Obsidian Gorge.
        Payback: Inflict the Maulborn with their own plague.
        Plague Bringer: Locate and defeat the creator of the Llodos Plague.
    Mournhold - Find out what's happening in the city of Mournhold.
        A Favor Returned: Register your presence in the Ebonheart Pact's capital.
        The Mournhold Underground: Investigate the Mournhold Sewers for signs of the Maulborn.
    Tribunal Temple - Protect the Tribunal Temple from the Maulborn menace.
        The Seal of Three: Prevent the Maulborn from completing their scheme against the Tribunal.
    Shrine of Saint Veloth ? Restore Saint Veloth and stop the Daedric incursion.
        A Saint Asunder: Restore and cleanse the Shrine of Saint Veloth.
    Eidolon's Hollow - Put an end to the threat of Magistrix Vox.
        Into the Mouth of Madness: Lower the wards to enter Vox's lair.
        Motive for Heresy: Learn about Vox's past.
        The Judgment of Veloth: Confront Magistrix Vox and end her plot.


    Stormhold - Discover who's behind the murders in Stormhold.
        Three Tender Souls: Solve a series of crimes in Stormhold.
        Getting to the Truth: Find the missing vicecanon.
    Ten-Maur-Wolk - Investigate Dominion activity at Ten-Maur-Wolk.
        Trail of the Skin-Stealer: Prepare to fight the Dominion near a Daedric ruin.
        The Skin-Stealer's Lair: Defeat the Skin-Stealer impostor.
    Hatching Pools - Determine the Dominion's purpose in Hatching Pools.
        Outside Interference: Discover the purpose of the Dominion's extractor at Hatching Pools.
        Keepers of the Shell: Save a generation of Argonians from the Dominion.
    Loriasel - Stop Ruuvitar from corrupting the Mnemic Egg.
        The Dominion's Alchemist: Find the Dominion's alchemist.
        The Dream of the Hist: Defeat the alchemist and recover the Mnemic Egg.


    Windhelm - Keep the Nord celebration safe and sound.
        Shadows Over Windhelm: Investigate the reappearance of a Nord clan.
        The Konunleikar: Represent Windhelm in the Footrace of the Nine Holds.
        Windhelm's Champion: Find the assassins.
        One Victor, One King: Stop assassins from killing the Skald-King.
    Cradlecrush - Destroy the Stormfist legion holding Cradlecrush.
        Strange Allies: Ally with the giants to collect intel about the Stormfist clan.
        The Siege of Cradlecrush: Disrupt the Stormfist operations, and defeat the Orc warlord and his followers.
    Fort Amol - Assist the leaders of the Ebonheart Pact.
        The Pride of a Prince: Convince the Nords, Dunmer and Argonians to act on your information.
        The War Council: Stop the Stormfists infiltrating the king's court.
        Sleeping on the Job: Help locate a missing royal guardsman.
    Wittestadr - Solve the mystery of Wittestadr.
        A Right to Live: Make a cure for vampirism for a young Argonian.
        The Better of Two Evils: Choose to aid either Valeric's coven or Majorn's bloodfiends.
    Mistwatch - Help the Ternion Monks save King Jorunn.
        Eternal Slumber: Help the Dreamwalker and the Ternion monks save the sleeping king.
        Gods Save the King: Rescue the king from his nightmares.
    Jorunn's Stand - Help Prince Irnskar strengthen the alliance.
        Making Amends: Help the prince make amends for his behavior.
        A Council of Thanes: Convince the thanes of Eastmarch to attend the war council.
    Skuldafn - Reach the dragonshrine and stop Fildgor's vile plot.
        Snow and Flame: Cause enough chaos at Skuldafn to keep the Stormfist Brigade occupied.
        Songs of Sovngarde: Enter Sovngarde and stop Fildgor's plot.

The Rift

    Vernim Woods - Investigate Vernim Wood.
        Dangerous Union: Discover why the Worm Cultists are working with the Reachmen.
        Gift of the Worm: Assist Belron's research of the Worm Cultists.
        Through the Shroud: End the threat of the Reachmen at Vernim Woods.
    Taarengrav - Strike back against the Cult at Taarengrav.
        The Shackled Guardian: Prevent the Worm Cult from binding the Companion's spirit at the dragon burial mound.
    Pinepeak Cavern - Learn why the Worm Cult are at Pinepeak Cavern.
        Tomb Beneath the Mountain: Release the Companion spirit from the Worm Cult's control.
    Honrich Tower - Help King Jorunn defeat the Worm Cult at Honrich Tower.
        Shattered Hopes: Turn the tide in the Pact's war against the Worm Cult.
    Trolhetta - Help the Ebonheart Pact defeat the Worm Cult.
        Securing the Pass: Clear the way for the Pact's army.
        Stomping Sinmur: Use the fragments of Wuuthrad to banish Sinmur's spirit.
        Worm Cult Summoner